QUBES is a community of math and biology educators who share resources and methods for preparing students to tackle real, complex, …

Graphical user interface for the ggplot2 grammar of graphics data visualization library.

Implements a drag-and-drop Shiny select input (currently using Dragula JS).

R HTMLWidget implementation of Lumino.

IONTW simulates both discrete and continuous time agent-based models of infectious disease dynamics on networks.

This is a sophisticated & integrated simulation and analysis environment in Python for dynamical systems models of physical systems …

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Despite widespread calls for the incorporation of mathematical modeling into the undergraduate biology curriculum, there is lack of a …

We show that finding a subgraph realization with the minimum generalized Randić index for a given base graph and degree sequence is …

Breathing in mammals depends on rhythms that originate from the preBötzinger complex (preBötC) of the ventral medulla and a network of …


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